• Certificato: SI
  • Tipo di certificato: GDTC
  • Materiale: puro Argento 999 Sterling
  • Misure: Regolabile (8-11)
  • Peso: circa 4.1g
  • Modello: Donne
  • Marcatura: 999 Sterling

11 recensioni per Anello Argento 999 Sterling Spessore 5mm levigato e regolabile

  1. Dastan Nurbolatev

    Country: KR
  2. Dastan Nurbolatev

    Country: KR
  3. Xose Mendez

    Country: SA

    Good quality

  4. Bonnie Montes

    Country: UK
  5. Graham Rankin

    Country: CH

    love it!

  6. Enrique Lutz

    Country: UZ

  7. Kemberly Roza

    Country: RU

    Super Ring

  8. Vladimiro De Angelo

    Country: KR

    It’s really pretty. I used a lot of metal rings at first and wanted to try new ones, so I bought them. They’re so pretty. It’s simple and good to use.

  9. Patty Balser

    Country: CA

    This ring is shiny. Way more shiny than the other ring I got. It’s not magnetic. I did bite into the ring and it made a dent. However, I don’t have a metal verifier to verify the content within the metals. That’s why it’s only getting a 4-star. Like Moissanite listings some sellers have a Diamond tester to show its genuine. I think sellers of precious metals should do the same. That’s why it’s only getting a 4 star. This ring is 4.1grams while the other ring I have is 3.8 grams but when I put both rings on the table. The other ring goes Ice Cold. This ring goes cold but not ice cold. So I’m not sure if it is real 999 silver. Also 999 is called fine silver, sterling silver is 925 and cannot be 999 but the picture says 999 sterling silver. Nevertheless, I like the ring. If I do an acid test and it checks out I will buy another one but i hope someone with metals verifiers can verify for us

  10. Demarcus Mcmullen

    Country: RS

    Looks amazing. We love our rings! Arrived on time. Only issue is that the end part of the ring that is inside is a bit pointy and I felt it against my finger. I had to open the ring completely and bend it backwards a bit. Now it’s perfect!

  11. Andrea Xiong

    Country: SA

    Fast shipping.
    Very good quality.
    Nice packaging.

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